Fleet Insurance for the Self-Employed

If you own a vehicle, you’re already aware of the tiresome annual tradition of renewing your car insurance. Each year renewal prices creep up, and haggling is usually required to keep your premiums in check.

If you run a business with more than one vehicle, this process can quickly become overwhelming, as you’re legally required to keep them all insured. You may also have  multiple employees driving different vehicles at different times, making matters even more complicated.

Thankfully, there is a solution: fleet insurance.


What is Fleet Insurance?

Fleet insurance provides cover for all of the vehicles associated with your business, making it easy to keep on top of renewals. Your business vehicles can be registered in the company name, or the name of a partner or director, allowing a single insurance policy to cover your whole business.

This eliminates the need for juggling renewal dates and makes it easy to keep on top of policies, and often helps save money in the process. This isn’t always the case, so it’s worth comparing quotes to ensure you’re getting the best price.

Generally speaking, the more convenient fleet insurance is, the more expensive it is, for example if you’re looking for ‘any vehicle/any driver’ policies.

Different providers will have different minimum and maximum vehicle/driver limits, often referred to as mini fleets and large fleets, encompassing small businesses to taxi companies.

What Types of Claims Am I Covered For?

Fleet insurance is similar to normal car insurance. Policies will vary but in general it will cover you for things like:

  • Loss of or damage to your vehicles
  • Recovery in the event of breakdown/accidents
  • Legal fees associated with accidents
  • Replacement locks should you lose your keys or if they’re stolen
  • Contributions toward medical expenses if a diver or passenger is hurt in an accident
  • Protection of belongings that are lost or damaged
  • Trailers or other equipment attached to an insured business vehicle


Each provider offers different levels of cover, and some elements, such as also insuring trailers, can significantly increase policy price.

How Dead Simple Insurance Can Help

At Dead Simple Insurance, we know what policies you need to protect your employees, yourself and most importantly: your business. We can help you find the best prices from reputable providers, taking the hassle out of fleet insurance.